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Philippine Elections 2016 – What’s at Stake?

philippine elections 2016

December 29th, Tuesday

6 – 8 pm PST // ​8 – 10​ pm ​C​ST // 9 – 11 pm EST

Join Migrante Partylist​-USA for a webinar with former two-term Congressman Raymond “Mong” Palatino and Migrante Parytlist First Nominee Garry Martinez​ as we discuss the importance of the upcoming 2016 national elections in the Philippines.  After six years of the Aquino administration’s inutility, puppetry, and fascism, the Filipino people are suffering intensifying human rights violations, widespread corruption, deepening poverty, and attacks on the country’s sovereignty. How can engaging in electoral politics advance the people’s movement for change? What gains can be made through parliamentary struggle? Are the problems of corruption and patronage politics insurmountable, or can the people prevail? Is anyone worth supporting?

We will also present the programs of Migrante Partylist and brainstorm ways we a​s​ Filipinos and supporters in the US can contribute to MPL’s electoral campaign to stand up​ for the rights and welfare of Filipino migrants, their families, and the nation.


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