Remembering Flor and Continuing the Fight for Justice


On March 17, 1995, Filipina domestic worker Flor Contemplacion was hanged in Singapore. Her death uncovered the real tragedy of forced migration. Contemplacion’s case aroused wide indignation over the Philippine government’s inaction and failure to save her life and brought to national and international awareness the life and death situation of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

Eighteen years after her death, we continue to bear witness to the lives and struggles of thousands of Flor Contemplacions. To this day, despite being championed as “modern-day heroes” by the Philippine government for sending home $20 billion in remittances annually, OFWs still face maltreatment, wage theft, anti-migrant policies and laws, human trafficking, government neglect, and slavery.

The ongoing case of the oil rig workers in New Orleans, Louisiana, who experienced discrimination, labor rights violations, trafficking, and slavery under their employer Grand Isle Shipyard (GIS) shows that OFWs worldwide, including those in the United States, remain victims of a government that fails to provide decent livelihood and to protect their human rights. The struggle of these workers demonstrates the collective unity and power of Filipino migrant workers and their families who continue to stand up for their basic rights and uphold their dignity and humanity.

In remembrance of Flor Contemplacion, Migrante Partylist remains committed to struggling for a Philippines with sufficient and decent jobs and a government that truly serves the people.

Justice for Flor Contemplacion!
Justice for GIS Filipino workers!
Justice for Filipino migrant workers!


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